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hotline : +94 115 979 979

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Off-Grid Solar System


Off grid solution are known to be highly reliable, effective mean of delivery power without the standard cost associated with the generator power and electric utilities These solution are fundamental even in those areas where the grid supply is not available. Further more , it eliminates technical difficulties, arising in getting grid connections, Elim Lanka emplou experts to implement customized off grid PV system epecification for every individual.

This PV system will utilize the latest, most efficient off grid integration techniques to provide continuous power for all home appliances. Off grid system, can be design in several ways. A comprehensive consultation is vital to determine what is the suitable for each project


  • Economic convenient power solutions
  • High quality solar panels pure sine wave inverter high capacity battery
  • Optimize high efficiency high quality and reliable components.
  • Comprehensive protection function, surge, short-circuit, over-load, over-heat, etc.
  • Easy to carry and quick installation
  • Reliable performance, simple operatielweon.

Function diagram


Off Grid Inverter

Off grid inverter

Solar Inverter for existing inverter 
12v/24v - 10A,20A,30A,40A

convert your existing inverter as a solar inverter

Off-Grid Battery


Batteries chosen for their performance and characteristics when used with solar power and charging. All SLA, Flooded, Sealed, GEL and AGM batteries can be used with solar however some may perform better than others due to design characteristic. We have chosen a range of well suited solar batteries.